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The Elephant in the Bedroom

We’ve all seen those awkward commercials. Unrealistically tall, thin, good-looking actors holding hands in outdoor bathtubs and canoodling in public…. Continue reading »

Mother’s Day: A cautionary tale

I started dropping non-so-subtle hints last week. “You DO know that Mother’s Day is coming, don’t you?” I said rather… Continue reading »

The Naked Truth

What’s the true sign that spring has sprung? No, it’s not the crocuses, the bunnies, or the pussy willows. You… Continue reading »

Mind over manners

“Now boarding … Group C … at Gate 19,” the agent announced over the loudspeakers. There were only a handful… Continue reading »

St. Pat's Day

Not so lucky: St. Patrick’s Day cuisine

Sure, there will be parades, funny hats, green decorations, and parties during the week of March 17th. But what really… Continue reading »

The Fix Is In

I told the folks at the local dog park that they wouldn’t be seeing Moby, our one-year-old yellow Lab, for… Continue reading »

The Unknown: A military spouse’s greatest worry

“What’s next? When will we move? Where will we go?” Like any military spouse, these are the questions that swirl… Continue reading »

Breaking a Sweat: Zumba with a side of Kung Pao

I actually went to the base gym last week … twice. Now, that may not seem like much to you… Continue reading »

From the Archives: The Time Has Come

“Is it time?” I thought to myself as I sipped my coffee and stared at our lifeless Christmas tree. I… Continue reading »

The Keys to Happiness in 2016

As we board life’s runaway train for another year of twists and turns and ups and downs, I can’t help… Continue reading »

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