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What does riding the bus teach kids?

This month, many American military children home and abroad are boarding busses for their first, excited days of school. Despite… Continue reading »

A Blast From the Past: Remembering the 4th of July

What is it about the 4th of July? I think of Thanksgiving and smell the aroma of roasting turkey as… Continue reading »

A Christmas Carol, Redux

Thanksgiving was over, to begin with. For some reason, my sports watch alarm went off at midnight, waking me from… Continue reading »

Brotherly Love and Other Forms of Abuse

First, we hear giggling. Then a sharp squeal. The creak of the mattress springs, a bump on the wall, a… Continue reading »

Costume Psychology 101

Many studies have been done on the psychology of Halloween costume selection. What does it say about a person who… Continue reading »

When Strangers Marry

On this day, eighteen years ago, I promised to love, honor and cherish a man I really didn’t know all… Continue reading »

Irreverent in Blue Jeans, Babe

On Sunday mornings, I can usually be found in a bathrobe with wild hair and a cup of hot coffee,… Continue reading »

Farewell to Rinse and Spit

I placed the magazine nonchalantly in my lap and covered it with my purse. With one hand pretending to grope… Continue reading »

Surviving the Storm of Terrorism

As the victims of Hurricane Irene repair their flooded homes, new winds over the ocean whip in circles. Some will… Continue reading »

Labor Daydreams

Today is Labor Day, a day dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. But who are these… Continue reading »

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