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From the archives: “Wanted: Mom Manager”

I was late for the meeting. Again. With an armful of crumpled papers, I rushed down the hall. Sheepishly, I… Continue reading »

College essays highlight military life

Our middle child, Anna, came home from school crying last week. This is not unusual for teenage girls. In fact,… Continue reading »

Five tips for better college visits

Listen up, hallowed halls. Take note, institutions of higher learning. Lend me your ears, foundations of educational excellence. You may… Continue reading »

The Realities of Now

Back then, you danced. I mean you really danced. During your 20s and 30s, you’d hear a song that would… Continue reading »

Snow Day Slumber Party

At the time, I thought it was a good idea. At the time, I thought it would be fun. At… Continue reading »

Good “old” summer vacation

I don’t “need a vacation from my vacation,” but after two weeks in a beach cottage with my extended family,… Continue reading »

I’m not worthy! Or am I …

Dear Meat & Potatoes of Life reader, Here’s the thing: I’m totally out of my league. Or at least that’s… Continue reading »

The Armchair Olympian

“I used to be a sprinter,” my husband said recently while lying prone on our couch, watching the Olympics with… Continue reading »

A Different Kind of Super Bowl Party

Today, while everyone is gorging on hot chicken wings, icy cold beers, creamy dips, and spicy chili slathered in onions… Continue reading »

Putting the PC out to pasture

I keep things forever. I have my seventh grade yearbook with the Smurf puffy stickers I stuck on it still… Continue reading »

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