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Those “Base Housing People”

I was emerging from the base gym’s steam room, sweating and feeling a bit woozy, when I heard her. “We… Continue reading »

Open letter: To the friends I ignore

I can see it in your eyes. You’re not happy. You think I’ve been ignoring you. You think I’m an… Continue reading »

Separation Anxiety

Of all places, I was in the veterinarian’s office with our dog, Moby, when I started feeling differently about veterans…. Continue reading »

The Power of Finger-Pointing

Ironically, one of our smallest, weakest body parts — the finger — often wields the most power. That one diminutive… Continue reading »

Apples, Oranges and Milspouses

I know what you’re all secretly wondering about me. So, why don’t I address it right off the bat. Yep,… Continue reading »

Shooting for the Stars, and Stripes

For a brief period of my life, I had a briefcase, a secretary, and a view from the 18th floor…. Continue reading »

Is there life after terminal leave? Keep on dreaming…

Ever since my retired Navy husband, Francis, went on terminal leave, I’ve been having some pretty weird dreams. Nowadays, some… Continue reading »

Piped ashore, but still rocking

At 7:55 am Monday morning, the base loudspeakers blared the five-minute warning, alerting us to the upcoming daily broadcast of… Continue reading »

Military Retirement Event Planning: Beware of Bridezilla

My husband, Francis, is truly extraordinary. And no one knows it better than he does. Some men humbly avoid excess… Continue reading »

Once A Military Family

At seven in the morning, the summer sun was already shining hot and bright. I found space among the passengers… Continue reading »

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