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Friendly persuasion: Why Mom was right

Back in the 1980s, when my mother’s favorite film aired on TV, she would try desperately to get our family… Continue reading »

The Relevance of Jellybeans

When holidays like Easter and Passover roll around each year, I can’t help but compare my childhood to our fast-paced… Continue reading »

Alexa Killed the Cat

After a lifetime of wondering things like, “How do you say ‘underwear’ in Urdu?” and “What is the shelf life… Continue reading »

Reconstructing Patriotism

Back in 1976, it was our country’s Bicentennial, and I was in the 4th grade. At East Pike Elementary, Ms…. Continue reading »

The Power of Keeping Calm

The stump outside my house was the perfect place for chopping up earthworms. At least two feet in diameter, there… Continue reading »

Sexy Pizza Rat vs. Frankenstein

When I was a kid, Halloween was simple. All we had to do was be scary, be scared, and get… Continue reading »

Have Life’s rules changed?

Parking my yellow convertible on the seventh square, I read the words aloud, “’Inherit shrunken head collection. Pay $10,000 for… Continue reading »

A Christmas Carol, Redux

Thanksgiving was over, to begin with. For some reason, my sports watch alarm went off at midnight, waking me from… Continue reading »

Putting the PC out to pasture

I keep things forever. I have my seventh grade yearbook with the Smurf puffy stickers I stuck on it still… Continue reading »

The Flakey Layers of Motherhood

I was running late, as usual. While checking my outfit in the window’s reflection, I smashed my frizzy bangs down… Continue reading »

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