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Back to School Fashion Fears

Unfortunately, I remember just about everything from middle school, from the Smurfs puffy stickers on my locker to that humiliating… Continue reading »

The Avocado and Golden Rule

With my 8th grade daughter’s mid-term Parent Teacher Conference scheduled for this week, I find myself feeling guilty. Again. “Hello… Continue reading »

Have Life’s rules changed?

Parking my yellow convertible on the seventh square, I read the words aloud, “’Inherit shrunken head collection. Pay $10,000 for… Continue reading »

Taken for a Ride

As I nervously watched my daughters reeling down our street in an abandoned shopping cart, memories of my own childhood… Continue reading »

Back to School Duds for a Fashion Dud

Fashion has always eluded me. By the time I clue in to the latest trend, it has hit the clearance… Continue reading »

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