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The Duke and Duchess of Prom

“Oh, Mom,” my daughter Anna crooned dreamily on the way home from Junior Prom last Saturday. “We went outside for… Continue reading »

Back to School Fashion Fears

Unfortunately, I remember just about everything from middle school, from the Smurfs puffy stickers on my locker to that humiliating… Continue reading »

Spring Break, Eighties Style

“Don’t crush the groceries!” I yelled as my teenage son smashed the car top carrier lid closed. With everything for… Continue reading »

A Midsummer Night’s Scheme

On any given summer night, the teens of our great nation take to the streets of their respective towns in… Continue reading »

Putting the Hammer Down

It was the spring of 1984. It took the mercy of my brother and the desperation of his girl-starved friends,… Continue reading »

The Duke and Duchess

It was the spring of 1983.  I had only been asked out a couple of times since my first disappointing… Continue reading »

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