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Won’t Go Topless


Listen folks, you really don’t want to see me going topless — it aint pretty…unless you think two fried eggs hanging from a hook is attractive —  so click the pretty little pink circle above and cast your vote for me as the bestest, most prettiest, hilariousest, most funnest TOP military mom blogger around.  These contests are purely promotional tools, but they really do help bring new readers to my blog. And it will help me promote my new monthly column in Military Spouse magazine!

You can vote once every 24 hours from any computer or smart phone from now until August 16th!!  Support the troops and help put my Top on — trust me, you want that. Really.

Eggs, sunny-side up, frying in a pan. Français...

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Here we go again

Last year, my readers were instrumental in voting my blog the #1 Top Military Family Blog of 2011 on Circle of Moms website (see, “We’re Number One”  May 2011.) They faithfully voted day after day, week after week, until my blog was on the top of the list and I won the whole freaking thing. I was truly touched.

Since the hubbub over that contest, some have asked me, “Hey Lisa, what did they give you for winning?”  For those of you out there who are fellow bloggers, you already know the answer to that question, but many non-bloggers do not, and I’m always afraid to disappoint them with my answer. The fact is, online magazines and websites who run contests like these do not award trophies, medals, ribbons, cash, crowns, sashes, or even an Applebee’s gift card. There are no ticker tape parades, no banquets with chicken cordon bleu, no bouquet of foil balloons, no giant stuffed animal.

No, the reward for winning these contests is solely in the free marketing benefit of being listed on their websites. Whoopdeedoo, you might be saying to yourself, but actually, I need the free marketing a heck of a lot more than I need a French Dip Slider from Applebee’s or a life sized plush gorilla like the one at the Pingpong Fishbowl Stand at the County Fair.

No, the publicity I got for being on the Circle of Moms’ list did not land me any book deals. King Features has not offered to syndicate my column across North America. No Hollywood producers have requested the rights to my life story for a mini-series starring Drew Barrymore (the goofy one in “Never Been Kissed” not the Covergirl model.) But the Circle of Moms contest last year really helped me attract new readers and subscribers, and even a few freelance deals, so it was worth all the shameless trolling for votes after all (see, “I kinda suck, but will you vote for me anyway?” May 2011.)

This year, Circle of Moms has announced new contest categories, one of which is “The Top 25 Funny Mom Blogs.” If you have read my stuff and are inclined to help a struggling stay-at-home-mom to make it in the world as a humor columnist, click the pink circle above and throw me a bone. Your votes (you can vote up to once a day until March 21st) will not win me a lifetime subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club, and Ed McMahon will never show up at my door with a giant check, but it will publicize my blog to the six million users of Circle of Moms website and might help me break into the big leagues one day.

Thanks again everyone!

We’re number one!

Back on May 5th, I got a little e-mail that I nearly erased. It was from a marketing director at a website called “Circle of Moms.” I had never heard of the website before, but out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the words, “You’ve been nominated for the Top 25 Military Family Blogs ….”

After a bit of research, I found out that Circle of Moms has more than six million active users. Wow, that’s like a gazillion. So I gave it a go. Every day, I climbed up the list, and every day my blog statistics went up, until I was #1 on the list and my blog stats had grown nearly tenfold.

After a nail-biting last day of voting yesterday, “The Meat and Potatoes of Life” was officially crowned #1! WOOT, WOOT!

I am not only relieved that I can stop hounding my neighbors, fans, friends, family and people I dredged up from a defunct address book, being selected as the Top Military Family Blog has restored my determination to keep at this.

What I mean is, writing aint easy. There are thousands and thousands of writers out there trying to make it in this business. Be they bloggers, columnists, technical writers, novelists, essayists, copywriters, or freelancers, we are all swarming in a vast sea like invisible plankton waiting to be noticed.

I have been telling myself that I just need to learn, write well, keep high standards, and someday my time will come.  That was  my inexperience showing.

I soon realized that, to some extent, becoming a successful writer is all about the marketing. Ugh.

I took a mandatory Marketing class in college at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio back in 1985 in which  we had to come up with a feasable marketing campaign for the Yugo — that tiny Soviet bloc Yugoslavian tin can that took the automotive world  by storm, and then went out like a flash, eventually being dubbed one of the  industry’s worst lemons of all time. Pulitzer Prize winning automotive critic and syndicated columnist, Dan Neil, once wrote that the Yugo’s rear window defroster feature was to keep one’s hands warm while pushing the car.

Poster/Billboard for Yugo on US market
Image via Wikipedia

There are a lot of Yugos out there in the blogging world — relatively successful blogs who rely heavily on marketing but don’t offer substance. I don’t want to be a Yugo. I’d like to think of myself more like a Mercedes, well, I guess maybe a Volvo. Although I am so practical, so  OK, how ’bout a nice Toyota that you bought pretty cheap, but she runs like a top for years and years.

Point being: I would rather be a good writer lost in relative obscurity than a talentless writer with good marketing skills.

I must admit, however, that every once in a blue moon, I need a little affirmation. As a mother, as a wife, and lately, as a writer.

The Circle of Moms contest was very affirming, indeed. Not just because I came out on top, but because my fans,  friends and family went above and beyond the call to vote for me and spread the word.

They forwarded my links, they recommended my blog to coworkers, they hounded their friends on Facebook at the risk of being “unfriended,” they voted morning, noon and night to keep me on top.

Many made comments such as, “You deserve this!” and “Your blog is the best!” which I found touching and left me  a little verklempt.

So thank you everyone. You have charged my batteries and, for you, I will keep running like a top.

Oh, and in case you all thought the photo above is my husband Francis, think again. Don’t be silly, most of you know Francis is nothing like that guy. Sure there are similarities, but of course, Francis celebrates with wine, not beer! Cheers!


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