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The Fix Is In

I told the folks at the local dog park that they wouldn’t be seeing Moby, our one-year-old yellow Lab, for… Continue reading »

Life lessons from the last of the litter

The cranberry farmer reached a calloused hand into the crate and grabbed the loose scruff of one pup’s neck. Holding… Continue reading »

Puppy Personality Disorder

  A week ago, my life was normal. I showered regularly. I ran errands. I cooked and cleaned. I watched… Continue reading »

The Dinghy that keeps our family afloat

Quite often, the thing that wakes me in the morning is not my alarm clock. It’s not the National Anthem… Continue reading »

The Princess and the Pee

“Could you walk P’Nut while I’m out this afternoon?” my friend, Tara, asked recently. It was the least I could… Continue reading »

The Doodies of Dog Ownership

I own a dog. A big dog. With this privilege comes innumerable benefits. Warm companionship, unconditional love, hilarious entertainment, just… Continue reading »

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