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How to eat crabs without losing an eye

Human beings have evolved from their spear-chucking, cave-dwelling, hunter-gathering days. Today’s man walks upright when not sitting in lounge furniture,… Continue reading »

How to cook crabs without getting arrested for domestic assault

Last year, while on our annual beach vacation, a rental car pulled up to the corner outside our cottage. Three… Continue reading »

Vacationer’s Deadliest Catch

[Or, How to catch Blue Crabs without winding up in the Emergency Room] The Bering Sea crabbers have nothing over… Continue reading »

The Annual Holiday Letter

Dear Friends and Family . . . [oh boy, I can’t even get past the salutation without a dilemma. “Friends… Continue reading »

I kinda suck, but will you vote for me anyway?

I am a flawed person. No matter what I accomplish in life, my psyche hones in on the negative: the… Continue reading »

Rule No. 1: Follow the Rules

Fifteen years ago, I took on the role of stay-at-home mom with determination to go above and beyond the call… Continue reading »

The Stuff Families Are Made Of

Recently, I’ve been told that my family of five weighs nearly 18,000 pounds.  No, we are not morbidly obese –… Continue reading »

Hitting the Slopes

“We’re going skiing this weekend,” I tell anyone who will listen. As the words part my lips, I hope the… Continue reading »

Under a Tuscan Cloud

“Mom, the bucket!” my ten-year-old cried from the middle seat of our minivan. We were fifteen minutes into a nine-hour… Continue reading »

Sand In My Pants

Despite taking every precaution, I can’t seem to get the sand out of my pants. I rinsed in the sand… Continue reading »

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