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Snack in the City

“Do you want that apple now?” I ask my daughter, for the third time since boarding the train to New… Continue reading »

Back to School Fashion Fears

Unfortunately, I remember just about everything from middle school, from the Smurfs puffy stickers on my locker to that humiliating… Continue reading »

Freshman Orientation and Other Alien Mind Tricks

My son was recently abducted by aliens. These strange creatures from a far off land lured him to their institution,… Continue reading »

How to Succeed in Parenting by Really Trying

Although I don’t talk much about it any more, my husband and I raised a child with what has become… Continue reading »

Attack of the Killer Teens

This week, my youngest child turned thirteen, making me the mother of three teenagers. For those readers who have raised… Continue reading »

Feel it in your rear

“God help us all,” is often muttered in response to news that a teenager has begun driving. Other responses include,… Continue reading »

Beyond the Whipping Post: Thoughts of a conference newbie

It feels good to leave the grit and hustle of the city behind. A fish out of water in the… Continue reading »

Dissecting the Teen

SCENE ONE: (Mom cheerfully sweeps kitchen floor. Front door opens. Brooding Teen in hooded sweatshirt enters. Without looking at Mom,… Continue reading »

The Wheels of Change

Right about now, many parents across our great land are experiencing a nervous mix of extreme terror infused with tremendous… Continue reading »

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