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Oh my gourd! Dissecting a Halloween tradition

In the dusky light, I removed the longest, sharpest knife from the butcher block, its blade emitting an ominous tone… Continue reading »

The Tell-Tale Tooth

I was nervous, dreadfully nervous. True, the tooth had haunted me both day and night, but my senses were only… Continue reading »

Sexy Pizza Rat vs. Frankenstein

When I was a kid, Halloween was simple. All we had to do was be scary, be scared, and get… Continue reading »

Boo Bags and the Future of Humanity

Perhaps it’s the fault of the Me Generation. Perhaps responsibility lies with our culture of excess. Perhaps Emeril is to… Continue reading »

Costume Psychology 101

Many studies have been done on the psychology of Halloween costume selection. What does it say about a person who… Continue reading »

Halloween for The Charlie Brown Generation

Go to the Halloween section of any department store today and what will you see? An unbelievable selection of realistic… Continue reading »

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