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Freshman Orientation and Other Alien Mind Tricks

My son was recently abducted by aliens. These strange creatures from a far off land lured him to their institution,… Continue reading »

Mom’s Summer Lecture Series

A couple of weeks ago, my husband came home after running errands on base with our daughter and said, “Wait… Continue reading »

Winnebago Woes

“Can I have that one? Hu? Can I? Puleeese?” I begged my mother, pointing desperately to the sleeping compartment above… Continue reading »

Teen dreams and summer jobs

Despite the fact that the school year has ended for our kids, I started my normal morning routine this week… Continue reading »

Understanding Mom

I used to have a little book of quotes about motherhood that, along with Life’s Little Instruction Book by H…. Continue reading »

The Avocado and Golden Rule

With my 8th grade daughter’s mid-term Parent Teacher Conference scheduled for this week, I find myself feeling guilty. Again. “Hello… Continue reading »

Sweet Sanity

Have you been having visions of colorful foil? Have you detected the aroma of coconut in the air? Have you… Continue reading »

College Talk Tips

It’s college decision time, but before parents of high school seniors engage each other in conversation, take heed! You are… Continue reading »

The Hidden “I” in Team

  At regular intervals throughout his 26-year military career, my husband has been promoted to the next rank. Each time… Continue reading »

Kiss me! I’m Irish today!

  St. Patrick’s Day is one of those ambiguous special occasions that can be quite confusing for non-Irish adults like… Continue reading »