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When kids are quiet, something’s not right

“Kids… ,” I’d yelled into our playroom on a regular basis when our children were small, “what’s going on in… Continue reading »

Pork Chop Envy

It was another gloomy winter afternoon in our working-class English village. Ever since we’d been stationed at JAC Molesworth in… Continue reading »

Turning the other cheek: My first colonoscopy

It seems that every humor writer on Earth has penned an amusing account of his or her root canal, mammogram,… Continue reading »

The Real Truth About New Year’s Eve

During my youth, my best offer on many New Year’s Eves was babysitting. My night included sampling the family’s leftover… Continue reading »

All I want for Christmas is the bottom bunk

T’was the night before Christmas, and somewhere in the house, someone won’t be sleeping. But not on account of dancing… Continue reading »

Do you see what I see?

I’m grateful that our last tour in the Navy landed us in New England, where the scenery looks like a… Continue reading »

The Hare, the Tortoise, and the Hairy Retiree

Let’s face it — nothing packs on the pounds like getting out of the military. After years of being weighed,… Continue reading »

Hey Mom, tricks (and treats) are for kids

It was October 1997, and our first child was two years old. When he was an infant, I didn’t want… Continue reading »

Don’t be a moody foodie

I’ll try anything once. Well, maybe not cliff diving … or running with the bulls … or a Mohawk hairdo… Continue reading »

Football parents guilty of excessive celebration

Ever since our kids’ peewee soccer days, my husband, Francis, and I have loved watching them play sports. Despite their… Continue reading »

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