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My sailor won’t batten down the hatches!

Ahoy, fellow Milspouses! Are you tethered to a soldier who doesn’t know how to hang a ceiling fan? Does your… Continue reading »

The Skin and Bones of Contention

At some point or another in a marriage, a wife faces a delicate dilemma: How to incorporate her husband’s deer… Continue reading »

Mother’s Day – A real hoot.

“Hey Hon, so whaddya want for Mother’s Day anyway?” my husband inquired a couple days ago, much too late to… Continue reading »

Sentimental Sofa

When I met my husband almost 20 years ago, he had a couch. It was his “bachelor couch,” and even… Continue reading »

The Call That Launched a Thousand Tears

So, I called my husband the other day. “Hi Hon, so what’s up?” I asked. Now, before I go any… Continue reading »

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