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The Evolution of Gift Giving

Sometime after the Earth cooled – let’s just say it was between a gazillion and a gagillion years ago –… Continue reading »

Battery by blender

“MOLINARI!” the ER nurse bellowed, jolting us out of our waiting room stupor. Tearing our eyes from hypnotic crime show… Continue reading »

She’ll do it

Husband comes home from work, carrying dirty coffee cup. Entering kitchen, he sees that everything is neat, tidy, and put… Continue reading »

Sandboxes to X-Boxes

At age 6, I married a policeman and had twins. At age 8, I ruled over a complex society of… Continue reading »

Nuggets of Truth

“What’s for dinner, Mom?” my famished kids inquire every afternoon when I pick them up from school. Despite the made-to-order… Continue reading »

Bracing for Bankruptcy

I’ve done just about anything you can think of while sitting in our orthodontist’s waiting room. I’ve balance my checkbook…. Continue reading »

Coffee, Tea or Turbulence?

“Coffee? Tea?” the lanky flight attendant mouthed from above my seat. I pulled my complimentary headphones off to tell her… Continue reading »

Modern Inconveniences — Part III: I want my goodie bag

At age 6, I was married to a policeman and had twins. At age 8, I ruled over a complex… Continue reading »

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