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Father’s Day: Keeping it simple

My 40-something brain regularly forgets that my sunglasses are perched on my head, can’t remember where I parked the minivan,… Continue reading »

Does size matter (in marriage)?

Leaf through any wedding magazine, and you’ll think you deserve only the best for your big event. It’s a once… Continue reading »

I only have eyes for you, Dear. Whether you like it or not.

One busy weeknight while chewing the last bites of pork chops and boxed macaroni and cheese, I asked my husband,… Continue reading »

When Strangers Marry

On this day, eighteen years ago, I promised to love, honor and cherish a man I really didn’t know all… Continue reading »

Dissecting the Teen

SCENE ONE: (Mom cheerfully sweeps kitchen floor. Front door opens. Brooding Teen in hooded sweatshirt enters. Without looking at Mom,… Continue reading »

War of the Roses

It is a night like any other night. The soft glow of the television winks off, signaling the start of… Continue reading »

Tired? Boring? Predictable? True marital romance is a gas.

Published January 24, 2010 in the Washington Post!

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