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5 Simple Steps to Romantic Spontaneity!

This Valentine’s Day, I’ll be up at o-dark-thirty to drive my husband to the airport for another overseas military work… Continue reading »

When the power goes out

“Do you think you bought enough?” I asked sarcastically, as my husband dropped multiple Stop & Shop bags on the… Continue reading »

Tortured Tenderness

I really don’t mean to be a bummer, but I just googled Saint Valentine and learned that, not only was… Continue reading »

Bowl Day: A Play by Play

Football-shaped bowl of nuts is on the coffee table. Starter log is sputtering in the fireplace. Dog has been walked…. Continue reading »

The Geobachelor’s Wife

After nearly 20 years of marriage, my husband and I decided to separate. No, he wasn’t having a midlife crisis,… Continue reading »

My sailor won’t batten down the hatches!

Ahoy, fellow Milspouses! Are you tethered to a soldier who doesn’t know how to hang a ceiling fan? Does your… Continue reading »

To heel or not to heel, that is the sandwich

“Welcome to Subway, may I take your order?” “Sure, I’ll take a tuna on wheat, toasted, please.” While the polite… Continue reading »

The Chains of Love

My husband is deeply in love with someone. Someone with a great personality. Someone that makes him feel like a… Continue reading »

The Skin and Bones of Contention

At some point or another in a marriage, a wife faces a delicate dilemma: How to incorporate her husband’s deer… Continue reading »

All I want for my birthday

My husband totally forgot it was my birthday this year. But you know, I’m so easy going, it really didn’t… Continue reading »

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