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The Middle-aged Woman and the Sea

Thanks to a guy named Big Victor, I’m finally free of years of bitter resentment. No, I didn’t put a… Continue reading »

The Armchair Olympian

“I used to be a sprinter,” my husband said recently while lying prone on our couch, watching the Olympics with… Continue reading »

In Pursuit of Panache

I’m sure many things have been said about me, both good and bad, but there’s one thing I can be… Continue reading »

A Different Kind of Super Bowl Party

Today, while everyone is gorging on hot chicken wings, icy cold beers, creamy dips, and spicy chili slathered in onions… Continue reading »

My Hips Don’t Swing That Way, But My Stomach Does

Out of sheer boredom and motivation to reduce my ever-expanding waistline, I somehow found myself trying a Zumba class at… Continue reading »

The Agony of Da Feet

A few months after birth, human babies discover two chubby feet affixed to the end of their tubby legs. They… Continue reading »

The Agony of Dieting Defeat

One week of Lent and I’m already spent. It seems like just yesterday I was struggling with my New Years… Continue reading »

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