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Battling Millennial Military Brats Over Winter Break

“You guys are SO loud,” our 19-year-old daughter whined, loping downstairs into the kitchen where my husband and I were… Continue reading »

Birds, Bees and Brats: Exposure to culture breeds curiosity in military kids

“Time for gelato!” I blurted, pulling our kids away from a statue at the Vatican City Museum during a family… Continue reading »

The Outsiders: Can military families ever be ‘locals’?

On a recent drive to take our two eldest kids back to college after spring break, I didn’t mind when… Continue reading »

College essays highlight military life

Our middle child, Anna, came home from school crying last week. This is not unusual for teenage girls. In fact,… Continue reading »

My kids are total BRATS!

[In honor of April, The Month of the Military Child, I rewrote the following article, which originally appeared in Military… Continue reading »

Pomp and Unusual Circumstances

By the time the Abbey’s headmaster got to the graduates whose names started with an “M,” my feet were bloody… Continue reading »

She’s a rich girl

In the darkness of Room 318, my husband’s gravely snore could be heard over the rattle of the air conditioner…. Continue reading »

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