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Heartbreak Fridge

The summer military moving season is upon us, which means it’s probably time to say good-bye to some very good… Continue reading »

Confessions of foolish military spouses

Twenty-four years ago, when I became a military spouse, I was pretty clueless. “Honey,” my husband Francis delicately explained through… Continue reading »

Apples, Oranges and Milspouses

I know what you’re all secretly wondering about me. So, why don’t I address it right off the bat. Yep,… Continue reading »

Shooting for the Stars, and Stripes

For a brief period of my life, I had a briefcase, a secretary, and a view from the 18th floor…. Continue reading »

The Housewife Zone

You are about to enter another dimension, a dimension of not only dust and dirt, but of lost minds. A… Continue reading »

When Mom leaves home

Ah… alone at last with a latte in the airport and plenty of time for people-watching before my flight. That… Continue reading »

I love Lucy, and her twin beds

A fellow military spouse once told me that I reminded her of Lucille Ball’s character in the iconic 1960s television… Continue reading »

The Hidden “I” in Team

  At regular intervals throughout his 26-year military career, my husband has been promoted to the next rank. Each time… Continue reading »

From soup to nuts, and back again

  No sooner did I drop my husband off at the airport, than I felt the tickle at the back… Continue reading »

My sailor won’t batten down the hatches!

Ahoy, fellow Milspouses! Are you tethered to a soldier who doesn’t know how to hang a ceiling fan? Does your… Continue reading »

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