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When Strangers Marry

On this day, eighteen years ago, I promised to love, honor and cherish a man I really didn’t know all… Continue reading »

Sharing Happiness

My phone rang this week, and for once, it wasn’t my kids or my husband or my mother or my… Continue reading »

Middle School Disorientation

My daughters and I nervously passed between two huge concrete lions flanking the entrance, and a door opened magically before… Continue reading »

Coffee, Tea or Turbulence?

“Coffee? Tea?” the lanky flight attendant mouthed from above my seat. I pulled my complimentary headphones off to tell her… Continue reading »

My Styrofoam Cup Runneth Over

A week ago, I was sitting in my room in the base hotel, the night before my family’s final departure… Continue reading »

The Call That Launched a Thousand Tears

So, I called my husband the other day. “Hi Hon, so what’s up?” I asked. Now, before I go any… Continue reading »

The Lame Duck in the Chicken Coop

For the last three years, I have been living in conditions that could be described as very similar to that… Continue reading »

The Stuff Families Are Made Of

Recently, I’ve been told that my family of five weighs nearly 18,000 pounds.  No, we are not morbidly obese –… Continue reading »

Like Grandma’s Golumpki

My family is stationed overseas. Most days, this is kinda cool. But on Sundays during football season, it really stinks…. Continue reading »

Fighting to Keep the Flame Alive

Walking home with friends last night from the base movie theater, we passed a flagpole on the parade grounds of… Continue reading »

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