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The Relevance of Jellybeans

When holidays like Easter and Passover roll around each year, I can’t help but compare my childhood to our fast-paced… Continue reading »

Bring goodness and light to the holiday

Less than two weeks until Christmas, and I haven’t sent out our annual photo cards. I haven’t finished buying gifts… Continue reading »

Sexy Pizza Rat vs. Frankenstein

When I was a kid, Halloween was simple. All we had to do was be scary, be scared, and get… Continue reading »

A Word About The “F” Word

To my mother, a first grade teacher for 30 years, every day was an opportunity to make a difference in… Continue reading »

Slippery Summer

Back in June, I thought summer was an all you can eat buffet of leisure splayed out before me like… Continue reading »

Boo Bags and the Future of Humanity

Perhaps it’s the fault of the Me Generation. Perhaps responsibility lies with our culture of excess. Perhaps Emeril is to… Continue reading »

Sandboxes to X-Boxes

At age 6, I married a policeman and had twins. At age 8, I ruled over a complex society of… Continue reading »

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