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Reconstructing Patriotism

Back in 1976, it was our country’s Bicentennial, and I was in the 4th grade. At East Pike Elementary, Ms…. Continue reading »

A Blast From the Past: Remembering the 4th of July

What is it about the 4th of July? I think of Thanksgiving and smell the aroma of roasting turkey as… Continue reading »

Military Spouse Appreciation Day: Is it real?

The calendar is full of obscure national holidays. Why, in the last week alone, we’ve been encouraged to celebrate National… Continue reading »

Appreciating Sacrifice

I’m just a housewife, what the heck do I know? Some days it seems my only expertise is how to… Continue reading »

Timeless Tradition

“This ol’ thing? Only cost me $39.99 at Ross,” I bragged to other military wives in the ladies room of… Continue reading »

Surviving the Storm of Terrorism

As the victims of Hurricane Irene repair their flooded homes, new winds over the ocean whip in circles. Some will… Continue reading »

Corny American Pride

I’ve been thinking lately about the things I’ve taken for granted. After living three years abroad, our military family finally… Continue reading »

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