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Just listen: A father’s full story

I stepped from airport baggage claim into the steamy Richmond sun, and found a bench at curbside pick up. I… Continue reading »

Snow Plows and Wedding Vows

After 23 years of marriage, I know relationships are tested. Power struggles surface during unexpected moments, when complex facets of… Continue reading »

Life’s a beach when you dig deep

Reclining my beach chair to the third notch, I sink deeply into the brightly striped canvas. Blinded by the sun,… Continue reading »

Father’s Day: Keeping it simple

My 40-something brain regularly forgets that my sunglasses are perched on my head, can’t remember where I parked the minivan,… Continue reading »

To heel or not to heel, that is the sandwich

“Welcome to Subway, may I take your order?” “Sure, I’ll take a tuna on wheat, toasted, please.” While the polite… Continue reading »

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