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Redux: Feel it in your rear

We universally accept that 16-year-olds don’t know much about life, so why is it that we allow them to propel… Continue reading »

The Evolution of Gift Giving

Sometime after the Earth cooled – let’s just say it was between a gazillion and a gagillion years ago –… Continue reading »

Teen Terms

Last night, my husband and I were in the family room of our base house, droning into another morally bankrupt… Continue reading »

The Driver’s Ed Club

“Mom?! Where r u?!” my daughter texted at the end of her first Driver’s Ed class. I pulled up to… Continue reading »

Mom’s Summer Lecture Series

A couple of weeks ago, my husband came home after running errands on base with our daughter and said, “Wait… Continue reading »

Teen dreams and summer jobs

Despite the fact that the school year has ended for our kids, I started my normal morning routine this week… Continue reading »

Understanding Mom

I used to have a little book of quotes about motherhood that, along with Life’s Little Instruction Book by H…. Continue reading »

Attack of the Killer Teens

This week, my youngest child turned thirteen, making me the mother of three teenagers. For those readers who have raised… Continue reading »

Feel it in your rear

“God help us all,” is often muttered in response to news that a teenager has begun driving. Other responses include,… Continue reading »

365 days and counting

“You think you got it bad now,” other moms cautioned when my kids were young, “just wait ‘til they’re teenagers.”… Continue reading »

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