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Don’t be a moody foodie

I’ll try anything once. Well, maybe not cliff diving … or running with the bulls … or a Mohawk hairdo… Continue reading »

No excuses: Visit your military spouse during R&R

“There’s no way I can go to Africa,” I told my husband, Francis, over a bad Skype connection. He was… Continue reading »

Mind over manners

“Now boarding … Group C … at Gate 19,” the agent announced over the loudspeakers. There were only a handful… Continue reading »

Over the river, and off the Beltway

“Grams, could we make brownies?” my daughter asks, already knowing the answer. “Is the Pope a Catholic?” replies my husband’s… Continue reading »

Spring Break Odyssey: How I got punked by my GPS

The minivan came to a screeching halt. Lilly leapt out the side door and ran toward a patch of grass…. Continue reading »

Under a Tuscan Cloud

“Mom, the bucket!” my ten-year-old cried from the middle seat of our minivan. We were fifteen minutes into a nine-hour… Continue reading »

Buying Culture

One might think that families with moderate incomes would stick to strict budgets, right? Nope. Persons living overseas who spend… Continue reading »

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