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No day like tomorrow

My column was late this week. A spaceship wasn’t hovering ominously over Rhode Island. Our base house didn’t burn down…. Continue reading »

Coffee Shop Office

Several days a week, I drop the kids at school, and head downtown to one of my secret haunts. No,… Continue reading »

Feel free to soil yourself

When the kids were little, I used to be good at things. I was organized, talented, nurturing, patient, creative, hard-working,… Continue reading »

We’re number one!

Back on May 5th, I got a little e-mail that I nearly erased. It was from a marketing director at… Continue reading »

Don’t Pity This Fool

Something occurred to me tonight as I walked back up to my 4th floor base housing stairwell apartment from the… Continue reading »

I kinda suck, but will you vote for me anyway?

I am a flawed person. No matter what I accomplish in life, my psyche hones in on the negative: the… Continue reading »

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